I read poetry—along with three other poets—at the Saratoga Blossom Festival on Saturday, March 22nd at 10:30 a.m. at the Warner Hutton House next to the orchard on Fruitvale Avenue off Saratoga Avenue.There definitely were blossoms! And food, drink, booths and fun.

Here is the beautiful flyer for the event and some photographs of the poets—David Denny, Jennifer Swanton Brown, and Renée Schell, who read with me at the 2014 Blossom Festival.

2014 Blossom Fest flyer



Coming Up

Lots of good readers: Erica Goss, the LG Poet Laureate, along with Kelly Cressio-Moeller, Renée Schell, Sage Curtis and Ellaraine Lockie so far. And me. A quick read; five minutes apiece!

Hope to see you there.


April is National Poetry Month.  To celebrate, the County of Santa Clara Poet Laureate Sally Ashton launched Poetry on the Move, featuring five winning poems.  County residents were asked to send their best poem that celebrates who we are and what we do in Silicon Valley in 50 words or less. One of the goals of the Santa Clara County Poet Laureate program is to craft a poetic identity for the county.  Sally Ashton, working with the County Executive’s Office of Public Affairs, has created a beautiful, colorful anthology of the poems that were submitted for the Poetry on the Move contest last spring. The poems are printed on a lovely weight of paper, one poem per page, each embellished with transit imagery. There’s a full index in the back, so you will have no problem locating your poem or your own favorites.  Some books are still available from the Office of Public Affairs or from Sally.

It’s fitting that ten of us who submitted poems for the Poetry on the Move competition read at the Poetry Month celebration put on annually at San Josè State University.  We each read our own poem and chose another from the anthology. Here is my contribution to Poetry on the Move.


Standing at an easel,
paintbrush in hand, mixing
burnt sienna with a splash of white
to make sand the common ground.

On a special night of the month
art on display in galleries
in downtown San Josè.

You might be the purchaser
who takes home a painter’s heart.

Here, I am reading Maureen Draper’s poem, “On the Path.’