My friend Calder Lowe got after me to enter my “old” book, The Fringes of Hollywood, in the 2014 Hollywood Book Festival. I thought why not.


The news came today. Can’t believe it, but Jack and I will be staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on the 26th of July, 2014.


My book, The Fringes of Hollywood, got into the Wild Card awards as an Honorable Mention. So that goes with an invitation to mingle with the other winners at the Awards ceremony, to accept the award, and to say a few words.

Here are the WILD CARD winners:

WINNER: Down One Side and Up the Other – Peter Shikli
RUNNER-UP: Law of the Desert Born: A Graphic Novel – Louis L’amour (adapted by Charles Santino, et al)


• Private Svoboda – Steven R. Roberts with Alexander von Svoboda
• Adventure Inward – Jonathan Wunrow
• 8 Keys to Wholeness – Donna DeNomme
• The Undiscovered Goddess – Michelle Colston
• Swanson at Sundown – Jack Ryan
• L.A. a la Cart – Richard Asperger
The Fringes of Hollywood – Mary Lou Taylor
• The United States of Theocracy – Janet K. Humphreys, Ph.D
• Murder in the Haunted House – Carolee Russell
• Time and Forever – Susan B. James
• Surveillance on the Down-Low – W.M. Sanguine

Another winner is Audry Lynch for her book on John Steinbeck and James Dean, The Rebel Figure in American Literature and Film: The Interconnected Lives of John Steinbeck and James Dean.

The Rebel Figure

I was fortunate enough to review it, and the reviews were published in Pen Woman and in Steinbeck Gazette. 
Steinbeck Remembered