THE THIRD THURSDAY JANUARY 21 READING AT WILLOW GLEN was a full house. Many of my friends, both personal and poet friends, attended the reading. Several copies of my new book, Bringing Home the Moon were sold that evening. Here are a couple of videos from that reading.


Walk down three steps to the mom-and-pop store
near Hayte School and enter a Hansel-and-Gretel land

of striped peppermint sticks, gumballs, jawbreakers
and, best of all, bubblegum. I could blow the biggest,

most unladylike bubbles in the second grade,
huge pink balloons that bloomed until I ran out of air.

What didn’t seem right, though, were the bubblegum wrappers,
like tiny cartoon strips, five sections of off-center print.

All in color, red meant blood. Severed legs and heads flew
through the air. Children, little arms stiff, lay in broken heaps.

My father explained new words to me: behead, disembowel.
From a Dubble Bubble wrapper at the penny candy store

I found out about the Sino-Japanese war. I could hardly wait
to open more gum, blocked out in green and black and blood.


We heard them before we saw them.
Two jays fluttering, screeching.
Then a swoosh so close we could
almost touch the hawk sailing past,
wings outspread, something
in its beak. Something small
with feathers. With only a quick look
still we knew. High above us the jays
squawked and flapped in disbelief,
their just-hatched baby out of sight
in little more than an instant. The jays
might not know its end, a beautiful
death come quickly
. We walked on,
hoping that was so, knowing they knew.


MY NEXT READING: Bringing Home the Moon to Works Gallery, Downtown SJ

My next reading is at Well-Red at Works Gallery, 365 South Market Street, San José (across from the St. Claire Hotel) at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. Hope to see some of your who missed the reading at the third Thursday, Willow Glen reading.

A smaller reading than the ones at Montalvo and the Willow Glen Library’s Third Thursday, Well-Red is sponsored by Poetry Center San Jose and Works Gallery, food and drink available, $2 requested. Parking on the street or in a garage close by, not the one connected to the Convention Center. That one costs too much.

I’ll be reading with Len Anderson from Santa Cruz, a good friend. The readings have been going well at Well-Red. Robert Pesich, President of PCSJ and Joe Miller, head of the Graphics Department at SJSU, are the sponsors.

Len_MLT Book

POETRY WITH MARY LOU TAYLOR at the Montalvo Writer Series: Sunday, November 8, 2015

Join me on Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 4:30 the Historic Villa at Montalvo Arts Center, where I’ll be reading from my new book, Bringing Home the Moon, published Aldrich Press, 2015. This event is FREE! Books will be available for purchase; beer and wine will be for sale, and light refreshments will be served. But first—please RSVP at the Montalvo site. All MUST RSVP at the Montalvo site. You can click the button to reach the Montalvo website.

Hope all of you can attend. See what some of my poet friends have to say about my new book, Bringing Home the Moon: Cover Art: Chuck Drew.

Bringing Home

“Mary Lou is one of my favorite poets,” raves Grace Cavalieri, radio host of The Poet and the Poem. “In Bringing Home the Moon, we have her past experience turned into poems boldly planned and implemented through the prism of memory….These are beautifully proportioned recollections you will read and then revisit.”

“We float through moments formative or formidable, touching or frightful, but all…lit with generous spirit and a graceful love of language” —Harry Lafnear

“This is THE poetry collection of the year!” —David Denny, first Poet Laureate of Cupertino

MLT at Montalvo


VILLAGE HOUSE OF BOOKS at 21 Main Street, Los Gatos, CA hosted the launch party for (AFTER)life: Poems and Stories of the Dead published by Victoria Johnson’s Purple Passion Press at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. The cover painting, ‘The Grass Bends’, is by local artist Lacey Bryant. The anthology is edited by Renée M. Schell, Barbara Froman, and Marta Svea Wallien.

The reading was great fun. Can you imagine getting paid for your poem, two free books, and a T-shirt? My poem is called “Remains”, which I unearthed from some notes I took when I lived near the Coquille River in Oregon.

Village Houselaunch photo


I read poetry—along with three other poets—at the Saratoga Blossom Festival on Saturday, March 22nd at 10:30 a.m. at the Warner Hutton House next to the orchard on Fruitvale Avenue off Saratoga Avenue.There definitely were blossoms! And food, drink, booths and fun.

Here is the beautiful flyer for the event and some photographs of the poets—David Denny, Jennifer Swanton Brown, and Renée Schell, who read with me at the 2014 Blossom Festival.

2014 Blossom Fest flyer



Coming Up

Lots of good readers: Erica Goss, the LG Poet Laureate, along with Kelly Cressio-Moeller, Renée Schell, Sage Curtis and Ellaraine Lockie so far. And me. A quick read; five minutes apiece!

Hope to see you there.


Markham House: Saturday, July 14, 2012

We crowded into the Markham House parlor, almost a full house.  More chairs came in from the room next door. Thirteen can be the luckiest of numbers.  Thirteen poets inaugurated the new Poets@Play that Dennis Noren and Jerry Dyer lead. The “new voice” poems brought by each poet had us listening and learning. Most of us hadn’t read poems by these new writers. We’ll be at the bookstore or Amazon following up.

Renee Schell was the first introducer with copies of poems for us from the pen of Maura Stanton.  Renee read “By the Sea” from the Atlantic and gave us two more to read on our own. Here’s a poet I’d never heard of, but on the internet in an interview with Stanton, she says: “Imagination is for me the most vital element in poetry and prose, and that comes out of reverie.”  One of the participants said pretty much the same, wanting to have access to the Markham House to meditate and write. “We should use our center much more” was one strong message for the day.

Other poets introduced or mentioned were Eric Paul Shaffer, Jean Lin, Al Baker, Jane Kenyon, Daniel Mark Epstein, Joanne Kyger, Lew Welch, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, James Ragan, Lawson Fusao Inada, and Shel Silverstein.  What discussions came out that! Jazz, the Black Mountain poets, the “Beats.”  Knowledgeable participants will be asked to lend us some of what they know at future get-togethers.

Most of the participants reported on their reactions to the afternoon. Some of the quotes:  “…a great sense of creative community. I finished my week with a happy glow.”  “..surely enjoyed the sharing and smaller size of the playgroup.  Less intimidating for newbies  to open their mouths.”  “…a rewarding afternoon.  I really liked the idea of bringing poems from poets some of us haven’t read.”  “Thank you, everyone, for such a wholesome coming-together!  I’m still glowing.”  “A great day of poetry camaraderie all round.”  And many more quotes; we are still floating.

What an opportunity Poets@Play is!  Writers “need to hear and answer the calls and songs of our fellow artists.  Every poem we write is an homage to the poets we’ve read.”  Jeffrey Levine from Tupelo Press wrote this, and Jerry Dyer’s idea has given us the chance to meet and hear new poets’ songs.

The next Poets@Play is on August 12, a Sunday, at 1:00 p.m.  See you at the Markham House for another rousing round of poetry.