An Anthology of Poems Read at Willow Glen Books
Published in 2011 by Jacaranda Press, San Jose, California

REMEMBERING poems read at open mic at Willow Glen Books, the last of the independent bookstores in San José, California. For nearly two decades, poets from South Bay created a community of voices, each bringing their own melody, rhythm, and harmony.

Mary Lou Taylor has two of her poems published in this anthology.


Published in 2005, by Frog on the Moon, Cupertino, California

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Cotton and Spirit is a unique and enchanting collection of poems by Mary Lou Taylor and her group of Peerless Poets. Their stories are spun from threads of  memory and circles of language. They weave a fabric whose texture allows their collective spirit to dance in and out, creating new rhythms, new music…


This collection includes seven poems by Mary Lou Taylor. Here is a sampling of her poems in Cotton and Spirit.

Under a Midlands Sun

A Coconut Tree Behind Every House

Ueno Park



The Call: An Anthology of Women’s Writing is published by Dragonfly Press, 2009. The editor is Calder Lowe of The Montserrat Review. To quote Lowe, “As women writers, we have all responded at one time or another to that inner creative call. The Call is based on a poem of mine that was a finalist in the Copperfield Bookstore Competition several years ago, judged by Robert Hass and Billy Collins.”

As for the wonderful cover of the book, she says, “The monotype for the cover was done by my close friend, Roberta Young, a Chinese-American artist who is heavily influenced by her Asian roots.”

This anthology includes six poems written by Mary Lou Taylor, and here are some samples of her poems.

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