Congratulations to Calder Lowe! And make that a double!
Here is the communication from Calder to the contributors of The Call: An Anthology of Women’s Writing.
This is terribly exciting: I have eight poems in The Call: An Anthology of Women’s Writing.

Dear contributors to THE CALL:

“I just received word from the 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival that our anthology won Runner-Up status in the Anthology/Compilation category. Kathie Isaac-Luke’s book of poems, CHRYSALIDES, also won a Runner-Up award in the Poetry category, and my book of poetry and stories, Holding the Light in Your Arms (Jacaranda Press) won Honorable Mention in the Anthology/Compilation category. To put it bluntly, we “cleaned up.” Kudos to all of you who contributed to making THE CALL the winner that it has proven to be. In gratitude to all of you for your efforts”signed, Calder.

LABF The Call LABF Chrysalides

Calder and Mary Lou The Call Chrysalides Kathie IL

You can see read some of my poems from The Call on my site under the tab Anthology.

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