A fabulous afternoon of poetry at Barnes & Noble at Stevens Creek and San Tomas in San Jose for the Erica Goss and Friends reading. I was honored to be included with three poet laureates and other good friends: David Denny (Cupertino Poet Laureate), Kelly Cressio-Moeller, Parthenia Hicks (Los Gatos Poet Laureate), Casey FitzSimons, Connie Post, Erica Goss in between, me, and Nils Peterson (Santa Clara County Poet Laureate 2009-2011). We had every seat full, our books sold (well, we still have some available), and camaraderie among the poets. Dennis Noren, winner of one of the spots posted on San Jose’s buses and light rail, snapped the photograph. I loved his comment on the reading: “That much talent almost cracked the lens”.

Poetry Reading at Barnes & Noble


  1. Abbie Taylor says:

    It was nice reading about the events in which you participated to celebrate National Poetry Month. I also attended a few events here in Sheridan, Wyoming. Our poetry group gave a reading at our local senior center, and several local poets gave readings at the library.

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